Handling Rabbits

Rabbits are often not very keen on being handled so it takes time and patience to get them used to being picked up.

Rabbits are very affectionate and enjoy human companionship but most often prefer to sit beside their owner to being handled. However, their playful and trainable nature means they also enjoy play.

Most rabbits can become used to being handled and petted in a very short space of time with gentle and regular handling. Rabbits rarely bite.

The best way to start getting a rabbit used to being handled is to feed it a piece of vegetable or fruit by hand. After a while it will feel comfortable with this and it can then be stroked whilst it is feeding.

Picking Up A Rabbit

There will be times when there is a need to pick up the rabbit and once the rabbit is happy that there is nothing to fear about being stroked it will usually accept being picked up carefully. This is best done by placing one hand under the chest and placing the other hand under its bottom and then lifting the rabbit and then holding it against your body. A rabbit should never be lifted by its ears and shouldn't be lifted too high as if it wriggles and falls it may injure itself.

Once a rabbit has been lifted it should be held against the handler's body or the handler should sit with the rabbit placed on their lap.