Vital Signs And Biological Facts About The Pet Rabbit

This quick reference details the normal vital signs of a pet rabbit along with some facts about their anatomy.


25-80 cm


30-100 grams (birth), 700 grams - 7 kilograms (adult)

Body temperature


Heart rate

130-325 beats per minute

Respiratory rate

30-60 per minute

Toes Front


Toes Rear


Number Of Teeth

28 (2 Upper Incisors, 2 Lower Incisors, 2 Upper Peg Teeth, 6 Upper Premolars, 4 Lower Premolars, 6 Upper molars, 6 Lower molars)

Adult Food consumption

5-100 grams per day

Adult water consumption

5-10 ml per day

Female Mammae


Gestation period

29-35 days

Captive Lifespan

5 to 10 years although up to 15 years has been reported

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