Abscesses can occur in dogs when a bite or wound closes over and becomes infected and pus forms under the skin resulting in a swelling.

Symptoms Of Abscesses

The symptoms of an abscess are a swelling that may be painful and can result in a rise in the dog's temperature, lethargy and lack of appetite. The centre of the swelling may show signs of a bite, wound or puncture mark that was the initial cause of the infection.

Treatment Of Abscesses

The abscessed area of the skin should be cleaned thoroughly. Applying hot compresses will help to draw the pus (often with a strong pungent smell) to the surface allowing the abscess to burst naturally or the abscess can be lanced. Once burst the areas around the abscess can be gently pressed to help drain all the pus and the abscess should be cleaned regularly, hot compresses applied to draw all the pus out and an antiseptic applied. In some cases a vet may prescribe antibiotics.

Prevention Of Abscesses

Regular checks of the dog's skin, and thorough cleaning of any bites and wounds will help to prevent abscesses forming.