Training Rabbits

Rabbits can be trained to use a litter tray and perform simple tricks.

Using treats as rewards rabbits can be trained to perform simple tricks. When starting training treats should be used every time a command is given, but once a rabbit consistently obeys the commands they can be gradually weaned off the treats by only giving on every other command, until they require no treats at all.

Coming To Call

  1. Place the rabbit on the floor in a safe enclosed space such as a rabbit pen, garden or room in the house.
  2. Kneel on the floor close to the rabbit and offer them their favourite treat and at the same time call their name and say "Come".
  3. Give them the treat.
  4. Repeat this routine and the rabbit will start to associate the word "Come" with being rewarded with their favourite treat.
  5. Repeat this daily working towards being further away from your rabbit each time, squatting or even standing as you call.
  6. When a rabbit consistently obeys the command, work towards weaning off the treats.

Sitting Up

  1. When your rabbit has all 4 feet on the ground hold a treat in front of your rabbit's nose and raise your hand up and over the rabbit and at the same time say their name and say "Sit Up".
  2. Your rabbit should follow the treat and sit up, at this point give the treat to your rabbit.
  3. Repeat this routine each day and the rabbit should associate the words "Sit Up" with the action of sitting up with being rewarded with a treat.
  4. When a rabbit consistently obeys the command, work towards weaning off the treats.

Litter Training

Rabbits usually urinate in the same place and so can be trained to use a toilet box by placing some wood shavings soiled with their urine and/or faeces from the cage or hutch in the toilet box.

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