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Woof & Brew Herbal Tea Bags Are The Perfect Detox For Dogs

Woof & Brew's herbal pyramid tea bags for dogs have been producing amazing results for dogs since their launch at Crufts in 2013.

The 28 day Adult blend from Woof & Brew is the perfect “detox for dogs”, gently purifying a dog’s system, restoring energy levels and encouraging good hydration.

Woof & Brew's unique loose leaf herbal pyramid tea bags for dogs are brewed just like human teas and served cold, either in the dog bowl or poured over food. They have been producing amazing results for dogs since their launch at Crufts in 2013.

The British company has secured more than 300 retailers in the UK who now stock the full range of herbal dog teas and many dog friendly cafes have started to serve them to visiting dogs.

But dog tea has not only taken the UK by storm, Woof & Brew's healthy herbal dog teas are now available in the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Spain, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Canada and new distributors in 2015 include Mexico, America and Asia.

Ingredients in the Doggy Detox Adult Blend are:

  • Calendula is high in Vitamin A and in essential oils that combine to help to maintain a healthy immune system. The stronger the immune system is, the less the risk of infections and other illnesses.
  • Dill contains many minerals and amino acids that have anti-oxidant properties. It has also been shown to have an antimicrobial action, so like Calendula it will benefit the immune system and assist in preventing infection and disease.
  • Dandelion is rich in minerals and vitamins, and its health giving properties were known to Arabian herbalists as far back as the 10th century. It is high in anti-oxidants, these together with its mild diuretic action helps flush toxins and impurities from the body.
  • Ginseng has been used in China for more than 500 years as a herb that helps to energise the physical body, balance the immune system and promote mental clarity and sense of well-being.
  • Skullcap is a vitamin packed herb with pronounced nerve calming properties. It also has a natural anti-inflammatory action, helping to minimise anxiety and restlessness.

Veterinary approved as safe, each unique blend contains high quality loose-leaf herbs, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are specifically designed to support dogs in leading a happy and healthy life.

For centuries dogs have been self-medicating, eating particular flowers and plants they instinctively know are good for them. Now with Woof & Brew blends, packaged in their biodegradable doggy pyramid tea bags, it makes caring for a dogs general wellbeing as easy as putting the kettle on.

Steve Bennett, Managing Director but also known as ‘sales dog’, of Woof & Brew commented “our range has gone down extremely well with dog owners. More and more people are looking for natural, healthy products for their dogs and our herbal teas are 100% natural, as well as being simple to serve and cost-effective”

The current range consists of seven blends; Adult, Senior, Skin & Coat, Performance, Fresh Breath, Ha-pee Lawns (which prevents brown urine stains on the lawns) and Posh Pooch. Each blend is available in 7 day or 28 day pouches. A 28 day pouch contains 28 pyramid doggy tea bags, with each doggy tea bag making one litre of infusion.

Woof & Brew Dog Tea can be purchased online from Best Pet.

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