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Ian And Kai Back Scottish SPCA Rehoming Campaign

The man who rehomed Scotland's best known rescue dog is backing a Scottish SPCA campaign encouraging people to take on a homeless pet.

During the Scottish SPCA's Rehoming Week, which runs from 4-10 May, they will be appealing for new homes for the hundreds of animals in their care.

Ian Russell, 52, from Newton Mearns in East Renfrewshire, gave Kai a fresh start in February after the shar-pei cross was found tied to a railing at Ayr Railway Station complete with a suitcase full of his belongings. Hundreds of people from around the world wanted to help Kai after he became a global news sensation. At the time Ian said rehoming Kai was "like winning the lottery".

Speaking on the three month anniversary of taking Kai home, Ian said, "Kai has settled in amazingly well with me - he is one relaxed and chilled dog and makes noises like Scooby-Doo when he's sleeping.

"He is recognised everywhere we go and we're always getting stopped on the street and asked to pose for photos. Kai is so gentle and soft with people and other dogs that everyone just adores him.

"I think it was definitely fate that I was able to rehome Kai. I feel like he was sent to me to help me through the death of my Dalmatian Mica, which was a really difficult time.

"When I applied to rehome Kai, I made it clear that if the Scottish SPCA didn't think I was suitable, I would happily take their advice and consider one of the many other rescue dogs in their care. I didn't just want Kai because he had been in the news, I wanted to help a rescued animal in need of a second chance.

"It's fantastic there was such a huge response to Kai's story and rehoming him has certainly changed my life. It's really important for me to use this publicity to highlight the fact there are many other animals like Kai who need loving homes and that's why I'm delighted to back the Scottish SPCA's Rehoming Week.

"I would certainly encourage anyone thinking of getting a pet to go along to one of their rescue centres and see for themselves just how many animals are waiting for a fresh start."

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said, "We are thrilled to have Ian and Kai's support for our Rehoming Week.

"Last year our animal rescue and rehoming centres found wonderful homes for a record  6,719 animals, many of which had been abused, abandoned and neglected or were simply no longer wanted.

"Many people might not realise we rescue and rehome many types of animals, from dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents to horses, birds, snakes and more.

"We think rescue pets make great pets and raising awareness is what Rehoming Week is all about."

Anyone wishing to rehome a Scottish SPCA rescue pet can visit the Scottish SPCA web site or call 03000 999 999.

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