Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:07

Abused Dog Gets New Chance At Happiness After Owner Dies Following Drug Use

Scooby, a Terrier cross dog, has found a new home following the death of his owner, who died following drug use and left Scooby in a very distressed state and prone to aggressive behaviour.

Scooby was taken in by a non-profit organisation called The K9 Project after being contacted by the owner’s sister. Scooby was found curled up on his owner’s chest and wouldn’t let the paramedics near to his owner, who had sadly passed away.

Scooby had often been tied up in the garden for days on end, not fed properly or shut in the house for days with no walks. As a result of lots of visitors to the house, his owner’s extensive drug and alcohol use, and even suffering violence, Scooby had developed an aggressive trait which led to him biting many of those trying to help him.

Chris Kent, Founder of The K9 Project, commented: “When I met Scooby, he was very aggressive, and had even bitten one of the neighbours, so I knew we had to help him. He stayed with us at first while we tried to find him his forever home. After getting him neutered and being fostered by a dog trainer who worked day in and day out to help Scooby, he eventually got his break.”

Before being rehomed, Scooby lived with Vicky Lawes from Lawes Paws Dog Training and she worked with him for four months to get him ready for his new home. Scooby was taken in by Barbara and Norman Hurst after the couple had lost an elderly dog and wanted to take in a new rescue.

Vicky Lawes commented: “Scooby gained himself a reputation for being a feisty little dog that did bite now and then. His new owners have also taken on another rescue and they get on very well. Scooby is a lucky little dog who got a second chance and is loving life.”

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has given The K9 Project more than £18,000 in grants to assist with its work helping vulnerable families and their dogs.

Chris continues: “The K9 Project provides support, information and practical assistance, concerning dog’s needs, welfare and wellbeing, to disadvantaged and isolated families and individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their dogs. Having already worked with over 60 dogs, we have seen dog behaviour improve, allowing families’ stress levels to decrease. From German Shepherds to Rottweilers, Springers, Huskies and Border Terriers, we have had hugely positive results. Without the Kennel Club Charitable Trust support, the number of dogs that we can help would be considerably reduced.”

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has donated more than £9 million to help improve the lives of dogs since it was established in 1987. The Trust awards grants to welfare organisations which make a difference to dogs’ lives, such as The K9 Project, and also provides financial support to canine scientific research and support charities.


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