F1b Irish Doodle Puppies For Sale (Irish Setter X Poodle) 3 LEFT

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F1b Miniature Standard Irish Doodles born on 3rd Sept 2018. They will be ready to go around 30th Oct 2018. There are 2 girls and 1 boy left for sale and they are all red in colour. 1. Pink collar girl 2. Red collar girl 3. Green collar boy ABOUT ME >>>>>>>>> *I am an experienced full-time breeder of Cockapoos & Labradoodles and now extending my breeding programme to Irish Doodles. *Council approved with licenses and fully insured to carry out the services i provide *Level 2 in Dog Psychology & Behaviour with the UK Dog Whisperer. *Certificate in Puppy Training. *Advanced Distinction in Animal Reiki *Diploma for Kennel Operator *Angelic Reiki & Theta Healer Practitioner SUPPORT & TRAINING >>>>>>>>>> Having all the above really does give all puppies a great start to life having rules and boundaries put in place before they even come to you. These puppies are very happy, healthy, confident and looking for owners that can give them what they need to carry on having a well-balanced life. Lots of advice is given in the Facebook group in all stages of your dog's life so you never have to feel alone. 1 to 1 training is offered when you pick your puppy up at 8 weeks old where you will be shown how to carry everything on that i've been doing in the pictures and videos in my facebook group. ABOUT THE PUPPIES >>>>>>>> All my puppies are reared indoors and have all the comforts and experience of home life with everyday noises. They are also played cd's to desensitize them to noises like fireworks, car traffic, baby crying, & dogs barking etc. Here is an idea of what to expect to see in the facebook group... *How to start toilet training on newspaper & outside *Playing with different textures of toys *An Introduction to Crate training *Not to chew shoes/laces (using simple techniques) *To "sit" and "lay down" (using tasty treats when you pick your puppy up) You will be shown how to carry all this on at home. PARENTS >>>>>>>>>> Mum "LULU" is an F1 Standard Irish Doodle (KC Irish Setter cross KC Standard Poodle) and very rare. She is 25" tall from floor to shoulder which is above knee height and a large dog. She has a wonderful calm temperament and makes a great family member. LULU has the following health tests and papers... *Her Mums KC Registration Paper *Her Mums 5 Generation Pedigree Paper with 27 champions in her lines *Her Mums DNA prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) = clear *Her Mums DNA CLAD (Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency) =Clear *Her Mums' Dads' side having hip scores of 8 *Her Dads KC Registration Paper *Her Dads 5 Generation Pedigree Paper with 21 champions in his lines *Her Dads BVA/KC/ISDS Eye scheme = clear *Her Dads BVA Hip Score = 6 *Her Dads DNA vWD1 = Clear The dad "Dave" is a deep red miniature poodle standing at 16" tall. I do not own Dave so he cannot be viewed when visiting. He was very gentle with LULU and a really lovely boy. He has *5 Generation pedigree with 2 champions in his lines *PRA clear through parentage (both his parents are DNA PRA Clear) SIZE OF PUPPIES >>>>>>>>>> Mum is 25" tall and Dad stands at 16" tall, which means in theory the puppies should be somewhere in between around 20" and around knee height or just bigger. This is the first time LULU has been mated however I do have to point out that they could grow up to mums' size. I haven't seen it yet with using smaller dads. COATS & GROOMING >>>>>>>>>> There are about 5 types of coats: Flat, Straight, Wavy, Shaggy & Curly. ALL Cockapoos would need grooming between 1-8 times a year depending on their coat, they will also need brushing in between grooming to prevent matting, especially on the shaggier to curly coats. EXERCISE >>>>>>>>>> These dogs are fun, very loving and interactive. Very intelligent and easy to train. They need daily exercise, companionship and games. Most puppies from Dover Doodles have gone on to do really well in puppy classes and have even excelled in agility classes. The puppies will make excellent Therapy dogs. ALLERGIES >>>>>>>>> Although these types of dogs are low - non-moulting and allergy free, some people can still have small reactions to the dander or to the dogs themselves. It's really down to the individual how they react as everyone is different and the best way to find out is to visit an actual litter to see if you react. WHAT COMES WITH YOUR PUPPY >>>>>>>>>> *1st jab (2nd & 3rd are paid for with Pets at Home) please make sure your local store will honour this. *Microchipped (I send all details off for you) *Vet check with certificate (print out provided) *Kennel Cough for public places like parks and puppy classes (next due yearly booster) *Flea & Wormer with Panacur at 2 & 5 weeks then Advocate at 8 weeks when you pick puppy up (Advocate will be due 4 weeks after your pick up date) *4 Weeks FREE Insurance with Petplan (from the day you pick your puppy up) *Puppy pack to include a blanket from mum, slicker brush to brush in between grooming to prevent mating, food & water bowl, lead & collar, a toy, a ball thrower, poo bags and a water bottle for walks. *Sales contact & aftercare sheet *Weekly updated photos and videos in the group * Lifetime support PRICES >>>>>>>>>> £2000 each for PET ONLY which means you only get to view paperwork when visiting. £3000 with BREEDERS RIGHTS which means you'll get full paperwork once your puppy has been paid in full. NO OFFERS DEPOSITS >>>>>>>>>> Deposits are £250 non-refundable so please make sure you are serious when leaving a deposit. Please note that deposits are only refundable in the unlikely event that mum does not fall pregnant or there are not enough puppies in the litter. You will be able to transfer your deposit to another litter if Mum comes into season late or mum doesn't have enough girls or boys. DELIVERY £250 >>>>>>>>> Please add £250 for delivery of your puppy anywhere in Kent and have up to 2 hours of training in the comfort of your own home. This is great if you have children or other pets so I can train the whole family at the same time, help settle your puppy in, show you where to put your crate and carry on any training that I started like toilet training, crate training, how to sit and lay down etc. Look forward to hearing from you. Dover Doodles

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