Buying A Cat

Owning a pet cat can be a lot of fun but it is also a big responsibility.  If you are thinking of buying a cat for the first time, our guides will help you decide if you can give a cat the time, effort and finances it needs and offer advice on selecting a healthy cat or kitten and bringing it home safely.

Buying A Cat

Considerations Prior To Buying A Cat Or Kitten

Before buying a pet kitten or cat in addition to considering the costs involved, it is important to ensure that it will be given the time and attention it requires so check out this guide to the needs of a pet cat.

The Cost Of Keeping A Cat

Before buying a cat it is important to consider how much it costs to keep a cat so check out our guide to the average costs involved in owning cat.

Places To Buy A Cat Or Kitten

When looking to buy a cat or kitten as a pet there are 3 main sources to consider and these are detailed to help you decide where is the best place to look for a cat or kitten.

Selecting A Cat Or Kitten

Buying a sick or weak cat as a pet can cause a lot of problems and heartache, not to mention additional finances, so this guide will help to ensure you choose a healthy cat or kitten.

Preparing For The Arrival Of A Cat Or Kitten And Bringing It Home

It is important to prepare for the arrival of a cat or kitten, bring it home in a suitable container and give it time to settle into its new surroundings to keep stress to a minimum.
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