About Cats

Cats are the 2nd most popular mammal kept as a pet in the UK after dogs. Check out our information about cats and the different pet cat breeds.

About Cats

History Of Cats

The domestic cat is a descendent of wild cats domesticated by ancient civilisations.  Read how it came to be a popular pet.

Scientific Classification Of Pet Cats

The domestic cat (catus domesticus) is a member of the Felidae family.  View its full scientific classification within the mammalia class.

Vital Signs And Biological Facts About The Pet Cat

This quick reference details the normal vital signs of a pet cat along with some facts about their anatomy.

Pet Cat Behaviour

Pet cats behave similarly to their wild ancesters. Read about cat behaviour in the wild and how it compares to their behaviour in captivity.

Pet Cat Breeds

There are many different pet cat breeds with each cat breed varying in size, shape and temperament. Check out our list of cat breeds linked to their breed profile with picture.

More About Cats